The IP Range Ping Tool
Version 4.10.99

Build / 31.12.2017

Download PingT ZIP-compressed Software (468 KB):

General Information
What is PingT ?

  Q:  Is PingT just another Ping Tool ?
  A:  Yes / No

Why yes ?
-  It uses ICMP (Internet Control and Message Protocol) to do the job.

Why not ?
- The author made it very comfortable to reach, find and trace the route 
to a specific host, watch a list of hosts and scan a whole IP range.

Operating Systems
PingT is developed for Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT4.0.
The functionality is given also in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10 with following restrictions:
1. To be able to view the help file "pingt.hlp" under Windows Vista and Windows 7 you need "winhlp32.exe" from Microsoft.
Please download here "winhlp32.exe" for Windows Vista.
2. Due to a PingT bug, the Router Alert option is disabled if you run PingT under Windows 7 or later operating system.

first of all download, then decompress it. Finally copy the 3 extracted files to a directory of your choice,
and just run pingt.exe.


Ping one single host

Ping one single host
The single host ping feature of PingT is a classic, well known implementation of ICMP.

Ping a whole IP range

Ping an IP range
(In the shareware version, the IP range is limited to 100 hosts)
Pinging an IP range is also called Scanning a Network, because one host of the net tries to find out which other hosts are running (alive) in a specific IP subnet. Please, do not confuse with Scanning a Host, which means that one host in the net tries to find out which applications and/or services are running on another host. The last one is mostly considered as an attack to the scanned host (refer also to the Disclaimer). Some high security firewalls consider the Scanning of an IP range also as an attack to the firewall itself. This is the reason why PingT uses a limited ICMP requests per second. Please, use carefully this tool.

Run other programs

You can run Telnet or another program which you can choose from Connect progs: in the Ping tab sheet, by using one IP address as argument (optional further arguments), from the combo box of the Ping tab sheet. You can save the prog list only in the licensed version.

Trace the route to a destination host

Starting with the version 4.0 of PingT, traceroute is speeded up. Don't wonder about, just try it out.

Watch a list of hosts

Starting with the version 4.08 you can choose to set the ICMP sequence number into the sent data buffer. You can use this setting from the menu item Extras / Advanced Options... / Watch. With the ICMP sequence number you can follow an identify an echo request packet and the corresponding echo reply through the entire net.
Please refer to the downloaded file "pingt.hlp" for detailed information about watch host list.

What's new ?

If minor improvements are implemented, only the build number will be
increased, without any version number changes. To be sure that you have
the newest version and the newest build, please check the file version
of your "pingt.exe" file.

Known Bugs
PingT License

- Since the further development of PingT is stopped, you cannot get a new PingT license anymore.
Nevertheless, you can use any existent license which you bought earlier.


The author of PingT does not assume any liability for damages that may be caused by improper or irresponsible use of the program and make NO WARRANTY or representation, either express or implied, with respect to this software. This software is provided "AS-IS", and the user, assume the entire risk of using it.

Last document update: 31.12.2017